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6″ x 1/2″ Flexible Rule – 16R

SKU: a4099


Product Description:

The flexible rule with length 6” and 0.5” thickness is made of stainless steel.

Along with satin chrome finish and black etched for easy readability and zero glare.

The accuracy and durability are improved by machine divided graduation.

It consists of a single row of inch figure of 16R graduation having 1/50” & 1/100” on one side while 1/32” & 1/64” on another side.

Product Features:

  1. Dimensions of 6” * 0.5” * 0.015”
  2. Rulers fabricated with stainless steel with satin chrome finish & black filled etched for easy readability & zero glare.
  3. Since these rulers are made of fine stainless steel, provides rust and corrosion resistance.
  4. Long edges and ends are grounded, flat and straight.
  5. Provide 16R graduation.

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