APR Bridge Cam Welding Gauge

SKU: a4104


Product Description:

This rugged Bridge Cam Type Weld Gauge is fabricated in stainless steel used to measure the important Dimensions of weld preparations & of completed Butt and fillet welds.

It is intended for general fabrication work in the shop or on-site.

Product Features:

  1. It rapidly measures.
  2. Angle preparation (0° to 60°).
  3. Excess weld metal.
  4. Fillet weld leg length.
  5. Throat length.
  6. Misalignment & hole sizes for butt weld butt-weld reinforcement.
  7. General Linear Measurement up to 60mm or 2 inches.
  8. Scales are graduated in metric units & supplied in a preventive case with instruction leaflet.
  9. A product has Longer lifespan & is Durable, & also easy to use.

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